Green Valentine’s Date Night

What is more romantic than an eco-friendly, sustainable Valentines date with the one you love? What? You didn’t think sustainability was romantic? Wrong. February is the month of love, and with Cupid shooting his arrow on the 14th, we want to make sure that you are prepared to take your special someone on the perfect Valentine’s Day date! We have come up with a list of date ideas, so that you can love both your day and the earth this Valentine’s Day.
Get Outside 
Show your beautiful date the beautiful scenery that Mother Nature has to offer, and plan an outdoor date. There are plenty of ways to make the outdoors romantic! Perhaps you take a bike ride to your favorite local park. While you’re there, pick an ideal spot for spreading out a blanked for you and your honey to sit on while you unpack a romantic picnic (eco-friendly, of course).  Pack a meal filled with organic ingredient and fresh produce.
Hit the Kitchen
Everyone enjoys when someone takes the time to cook a delicious, well thought-out meal for them. Why not have dinner at home and cook a meal for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? The first step is to hit your local grocery store for all things organic! We recommend Whole Foods or Trader Joes, but the majority of local grocery stores provide plenty of organic options. Eco-friendly cooking not only benefits the environment, but it is also significantly healthier for you and your date. Start perusing Pinterest for eco-friendly, organic recipes, put on your apron, and hit the kitchen to whip something up for your love!
Plant Love
When you think of romance, gardening might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But why not watch your love grow while planting a tree together? It’s worth a shot! It might sound peculiar for a date, but it’s a beautiful way to show that you are not only committed to one another, but also committed to the earth. Let your relationship’s roots grow deep as you plant those roots in the ground. Plus, it will be fun to visit it next Valentine’s Day to see how far it has come… just like you and your partner!
DIY Dating
Time to pull out the paint brushes, canvases, and markers for your very own craft night! This might seem like more of a feminine date night, but there are plenty of masculine DIY options as well. Build something together and create new memories while creating homemade projects. Maybe even make each other your very own homemade Valentine’s Cards?
Break a Sweat
It’s not everyone’s favorite activity, but exercise can be a great activity for date night. Take a yoga class outside or go for a walk or run around your favorite spot in town. Put on your helmets and cruise around town on your bicycles. A green workout will not only burn calories, but it will also keep your relationship healthy!
You don’t have to visit a recycling plant to sort through plastic and paper in order to have an eco-friendly date with your partner. There are so many ways to be with the one you love and help make the earth a better place together. Creating a healthy environment leads to healthy relationships. Happy Valentine’s Day!