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Earth Day

Seven Tips for Honoring Earth Day

It’s that time again, and while most people love trick-or-treating or spreading yuletide cheer, we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate our favorite holiday of the year – Earth Day!  Earth Day is a time to celebrate the planet, raise awareness about our need to protect it, and reflect on what we can do to […]

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Eco-friendly New Year

Five Eco-Friendly New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are usually the perfect balance of terrifying, overwhelming, and cliché. They hold you accountable, will push you out of your comfort zone, and force you to reevaluate your life. Or it’s just the opposite, and you come up with something stale and boring – a goal you will forget about in two […]

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Green holiday

Five Tips to Make Your Holidays a Little Greener This Year

The holidays are here and with it an opportunity to have fun while creating an environmentally friendly celebration. Make your holidays joyous in spirit and gentle on the environment with these five tips from Carolina Fibre!

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Ten Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and while we may have big things going on in the world around us, we must focus on a bit of normalcy. Whether you’re ready or not, it is time to start thinking about dear old dad and what you want to give him to show how loved […]

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What to Do With All Your Stuff That Doesn’t ‘Spark Joy’

With an entire new year ahead of you, decluttering your home may not seem so hard. But after January, when that fresh, new year energy begins to wane, the prospect of taking on a big clutter tackling project tends to overwhelm. But whether it’s a plan to deep clean (aka, Kondo your life), or simply […]

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Six Ways to Prevent Food Waste This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is special because the meal is the holiday, as opposed to the meal being a tradition used to help celebrate. As a result, we tend to go a bit overboard with food. These family meals are a wonderful way to celebrate and bring people together, but it adds up to a significant amount of […]

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Halloween Recycling Tips

From decorations to treats to costumes, Halloween comes with a lot of “stuff,” which makes it a scary time for recycling facilities. Many of the items kids accumulate at parties or what we use as decor isn’t recyclable, yet it still ends up in the recycling container. It can be a real nightmare, so Carolina […]

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10 Ways to Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs

With the Easter holidays coming up, those iconic plastic eggs that get stuffed to the gills with sugary treats are everywhere! After they’ve been hidden and hunted, what are you supposed to do with those festive packages? Here at Carolina Fibre, we’ve got a few nifty green suggestions for repurposing that leftover plastic long after […]

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5 Environmental Advocacy Organizations to Watch this Year

2017 is coming to a close, and here at Carolina Fibre, we think it’s important to reflect back on some of the major events and influencers as we move forward into the new year. We’ve picked a few of the organizations we think deserve a pat on the back (and maybe a little something extra […]

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Trick-or-Treating Never Looked So Green

The doorbell rings and you answer it, only to discover a slew of monsters assembled on your doorstep! Relax: it’s Halloween and those are just trick-or-treaters. But what’s really scary – even more frightening than a gang of beasts showing up to demand treats – is waiting until the last minute to buy a pricey […]

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