Falling into Better Habits

For most of us, the fall season introduces a well-earned reprieve from summer’s heat, not to mention a myriad of gorgeous natural colors, community-minded festivities, and the start of the holiday season!
With this potential for outdoor enjoyments on the horizon, it’s no wonder that kids and their parents in the U.S. can get on board with the fact that the month of October is officially named as International Walk to School Month. But this season presents all sorts of opportunities to reevaluate your habits and make sustainability a priority, even after the days grow shorter.
Getting in your steps
Walking to and from school is a good start for the kids, but putting one foot in front of the other isn’t just responsible and healthy for them! Don’t limit it to one month, or even special occasions like charting the perfect trick-or-treating route; if you live within a reasonable distance of where you work, make walking to the office a regular part of your routine. On beautiful fall mornings, or crisp, cool evenings, you’ll be glad you made the change.
Make a habit of reusing
One of the first things we think of with the onset of fall is the inevitable piles of colorful leaves that soon decorate the ground. And while they may seem like a nuisance for our landscaping enthusiasts, those leaves actually have quite a few uses even though they’ve parted ways with the trees. Rather than dispose of them via garbage pick-up, we recommend starting a compost system to help nourish your lawn and plants throughout the year. It’s easy once you have one going, and dead leaves make for perfect additions to the mix. You can even get your jack-o-lantern in on the process when Halloween is through!
Cleaning before spring
Spring cleaning might be a standby, but you can conduct a major overhaul in your home and work spaces any time of year! We suggest using this change of the seasons to clear out the cobwebs and ensure that your time in the summer sun didn’t leave you with plenty of recyclable items that didn’t make it to the appropriate pick-up locations. Additionally, this is a great time to put together donations for clothing drives by going through your closets as you transition from summer to fall attire.
Here at Carolina Fibre, we’re all about embracing a new season and using its unique qualities as ways to enhance our sustainability and recycling game! If you’d like to join us, you can keep an eye on our blog, or contact us directly for commercial recycling plans that fit your place of business.