This Halloween, Put Your Pumpkin to Work

As we gear up for that infamous day of trick-or-treating, pumpkin becomes a staple for the whole month of October, in both our diets and our décor! When you are driving by that pristine patch, wandering through your town’s fall festival, adding that extra touch of autumn to your front porch, or carving this year’s jack-o-lantern with your kids, the humble pumpkin is everywhere.
Unfortunately, Jack-O-Lantern isn’t as tough as he looks. As the days become cooler, he will become weaker. But fear not! Before Mother Nature reclaims her work, you have a chance to compost your pumpkin and add even more use to it. These simple steps will you help start a new “green” Halloween tradition!
Step 1: Go All Natural 
The first step to composting your pumpkin is to remove any artificial or non-organic materials. For instance, if you have a candle inside your jack-o-lantern or perhaps any decoration on the outside, those items will need to be detached. Prior to the composting process, you want to ensure that only natural items remain.
Step 2: Be a Little Shady       
The second step for preserving your pumpkin is to find a compost spot. If you do not already have a compost pile, don’t worry! The best place you can use for compositing is a shady area, so find a shady spot in your garden to place your pumpkin.
Step 3: Smashing Pumpkins  
Smashing Pumpkins is no longer just a rock band from the 90s—now it’s also your next step to a green Halloween! Take your big, round pumpkin and smash it up into tiny pieces. Eliminating large surface areas enables a faster compost process.
Step 4: Cover Up         
Now is the time to use other natural materials from your yard, such as leaves, sticks, and saw dust, and cover up the remains of your pumpkin. Keep those tiny critters away from the airing-out process of composting.
Step 5: Let Mother Nature Do Her Thing
All Mother Nature needs now is a little time to do her job! After a few weeks, your pumpkin will evolve and become dense in nutrients. Now is the time to take that hard-earned compost and bring fresh life and special care to your beautiful garden during the sometimes harsh winter months.
Think outside of the box and find ways to turn each season into an opportunity to go green. Add a little sustenance to your Halloween holiday! For more tips on contributing to a clean earth, like us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest.