Keep The Beaches Clean This Summer

It’s summer, which means the odds are good that you’ll find yourself at a beach some time over the next few months. From white sand to warm breezes to refreshing ocean water, the beach is a wonderful place to relax, unwind, and appreciate nature’s gifts. Which is exactly why it’s so important to keep our beaches and oceans clean—so that we can enjoy them for years to come!
Leave No Trace
It may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised. If you bring it to the beach, no matter what it is, it’s your responsibility to pack it back out. This goes for paper, plastic, cigarette butts, and even leftover food. You pack a beach bag because you want to bring some of the comforts of home to the sea. Make sure the sea remains comfortable for the creatures that live there year round, and take those things back home!
A Clean Ocean is a Happy Ocean
As the film Finding Nemo put it, “All drains lead to the ocean.” This is why it’s important to properly dispose cleaners, solvents, motor oil, pesticides, and other chemicals that can pollute or run off into the waterways. Better yet, stop using these things completely and switch to organic, all-natural cleaners and solvents! It’s a great way to protect the oceans, even if you live inland.
Clean Up After Your Pets
There’s nothing like watching a dog run in the sand, frolic in the sea, and chase the waves as they roll in and out. The dog’s happiness will bring a smile to anyone’s face—until nature calls and the dog answers. If you plan to bring your dog to the beach this summer, make sure to bring bags so you can pick up and pack up
 Practice Fire Safety
If you want to have bonfire on the beach, the first step is to make sure fires are allowed. Once you’ve secured permission, make sure you only burn natural, untreated wood—a fire is not the way to dispose of trash or plastics! Finally, make sure the fire is completely extinguished before you leave the beach. The best way to do this is to drown it, not bury it. So borrow a sand pail and get a bucket full of water when it’s time to turn out the lights.
 Participate in a Beach Clean Up Day
These are held regularly throughout the year, and they’re a great way to take direct and immediate action while beautifying the local beaches. Can’t find a beach clean up day near you? It might be time to start your own! The Ocean Conservancy has some good tips on beach clean ups—check them out here.
We hope these tips help you have a safe, happy, and healthy summer at the beach! If you have any tips we’ve missed, feel free to share them on our Facebook page. See you at the beach!