How a Carolina Fibre Recycling Program Can Help Your Business

At Carolina Fibre, our mission has always been to encourage businesses to develop a strong recycling plan with the help of our services. Recycling is about sustainability, and by becoming more sustainable commercially, we continue to improve the quality of our environment. Here are a few ways your business will benefit when you work with us.
Lower Waste Costs 
Believe it or not, recycling can actually improve your company’s bottom line. When you recycle items such as paper and plastic with us, less trash will go into your waste bins. And if, like most businesses, you pay a waste management fee, you may save on those bills by producing less waste. You may even be able to negotiate a lower fee if you can track and prove your business is producing less waste. The best way to track those results? Start a recycling program!
New Purchase Savings 
When we consult with businesses, we typically lay out an effective sustainability plan they can easily follow. This includes suggestions on how to best recycle older technology items such as computers. If you need to buy new equipment for the team, don’t throw out the old stuff! Some retailers will take back computers, phones, and other devices, and recycle them in exchange for a small discount when you buy new items. It’s a great way to help the environment and save money at the same time!
Happier Work Environment 
Many employees want and welcome the ability to recycle at work. Instead of making them go out of their way to recycle, or give them the impression that they shouldn’t, keep designated bins around the office or in the break room so that they’re easy to find. Increased employee morale can make a big difference over time for your business, and recycling is such an easy way to give them a boost!
At Carolina Fibre, we offer extensive recycling services, including paper, plastic, and aluminum recycling, and confidential shredding. We accept several types of paper, plastic, and aluminum at our facility, which we encourage you to review if you’re unsure about some of your potential recycling materials. Our confidential shredding service ensures your company is protected against identity theft and the divulgence of private information by complete destruction of company records. Once the information is shredded, we send a certificate of destruction for all materials destroyed.
If you ever have any questions about our commercial recycling, please ask! Most likely someone has asked a similar question, which we’ve posted and answered on our FAQs page. If you’re ready to jump into a recycling program or plan for your company, we’re happy to help. Give us a call or fill out our online form and let’s get started!