Going Green with Your Furry Friends

When you think of recycling, or adopting more sustainable habits, what are the first steps to come to mind? Normally, we would think of recycling in the home, maybe in the kitchen or as a general communal system for the household.
But have you ever considered recycling with your pet? You may not realize it, but owning a dog or cat can be the golden opportunity to invest in some sustainable brands, or even try your own hand at making some of the items that you know you’ll use every day.
Since the pups here at Carolina Fibre are all about recycling and preserving the planet, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite methods for green living when you’re a devoted pet parent.
Why Recycle with Your Pet?
When it comes to the animal life, both in your home and out in the world around you, littering and general poor sustainability practices take their toll. The health of your pet often depends on the health of your home, even if your dog or cat is frequently outside. So, when you establish some green patterns in and around your home, you can give them a safe environment in which to exist. We often consider the health of fellow humans when we talk about the importance of recycling, but our animals are just as sensitive to the way we treat the planet.
Best Practices
If you’ve got a furry friend and want to know how best to cultivate a green environment, some of the best places to start are located in your pet’s favorite locations: the kitchen and the backyard! For this reason, we recommend initiating a home recycling program that revolves around meal times and play times, whenever those may be for you and your pet. This can mean storing pet food in reusable containers, making your own toys for your dog or your cat, and even finding innovative ways to reuse or recycle dishes and other pet essentials.
DIY Pet Supplies
From water bowls to pet collars, there are plenty of pet supplies that you can make yourself and still cut down on the amount of waste you dispose of on a regular basis. The best part is, your dog or your cat will thank you for the effort! Whether you decide to invest in some eco-friendly materials to craft your own toys for dog park excursions, or find new ways to green your kitchen and living areas so that your pet can benefit, you can expect to see a healthier, happier pet.
As we get closer to the start of a new year, do yourself and your pet a favor by looking into sustainable alternatives to your everyday routine! The staff here at Carolina Fibre have got plenty of tips to help you get started; stay tuned to our blog for more in the months to come.