Eco-friendly Summer Essentials

What are your summer staples? For some, it’s making sure to spend as much time as possible on a sandy beach. For others, it’s filling your weekend with camping trips under the stars. Or maybe, you’d be happy just getting to your neighborhood pool every once in a while.
Whatever your ideal summer looks like, we know that when it comes to supplies, finding sustainable products to bring along for the ride isn’t always easy. To help you make your adventures a little greener, the Carolina Fibre team has a few items you might consider adding to your beach bag or backpack before you head off into that summer sunshine!
Safer precautions
There aren’t many people who can truly appreciate the fine bouquet that is the culmination of aromas found in mainstream bug spray. And for good reason: some of those synthetic chemicals that help keep the bugs at bay aren’t as beneficial to you, younger children, or the air that’s absorbing the product that doesn’t stick to your skin when you spray it on. Luckily, there are some repellants out there that are made from essential oils like citronella, eucalyptus and soybeans and have been found to be comparable to the bigger brands. The best practice on buying bug spray is to read the list of active ingredients carefully, and if you don’t understand whatsomething is, do your research before applying it.
Brighter than the sun
Solar-powered fans, lights, grills, and even portable charging stations are nothing new, but you’d be surprised how often consumers still gravitate toward their less sustainable counterparts on the market! When you’re planning for your next pool party and backyard get-together, take a look at some of your must-haves and then see if you’re able to find a solar-powered alternative. If your local stores have a limited selection, you might have better luck looking at online retailers like Amazon.
Saving the seas
Recently, we’ve heard a lot about the environmental impacts of using plastic straws and stirrers. In fact, they account for a significant amount of the pollution in our oceans, and it’s been estimated that by 2050, there could be more plastic in our oceans than fish if we don’t regulate our habits. The first step to doing that? Find a reasonable alternative. More and more companies are developing metal straws, so you can still sip on that ice-cold lemonade on a broiling summer day without the added risk to the planet.
Breaking down the barbeque
We’ve all been to that backyard barbeque where the food was great, but the disposable dishes and cutlery made for a lot of post-meal waste. You don’t have to resign yourself to slaving over a full sink just to avoid filling up the garbage can, though. Many companies have started manufacturing compostable and biodegradable paper plates – among other mealtime essentials – so the question of whether or not you can safely recycle them after use is less relevant. Now all you have to worry about is making sure the packaging does promise eco-friendly disposal, and whether or not you’re going to need more than one to hold samples of all the delicious eats on the menu for your next cookout!
P.S. Are we invited?
Reclaiming fashion
You may have noticed that sunglasses, earbuds, and other accessories made or accentuated with wood are pretty popular this year. But it’s not just a fashion statement! Have you seen any of these items with tags that specify that these items were constructed from reclaimed wood? That means that the wood itself was sustainably harvested and used responsibly, while also minimizing additional plastic production. So go ahead and rock your new shades while you’re on vacation, protect your phone with a new case, or listen to your favorite tunes while soak up some sunshine. You’ve invested in a product that takes it easier on the environment, and that’s definitely a summertime staple!
Now that you have a few new items on your shopping list, you don’t have to wait for the first official day to kick off the season – grab your eco-friendly summer essentials and get things going today! And when you need a break from the sunshine, be sure to tune into our blog for more tips on sustainable living.