5 Green Road Trip Tips

With summer winding down, the race to fit in just one last vacation is on and here at Carolina Fibre, we’re just as eager to enjoy the sunshine as you are! As you plan for your weekend excursions to the beach, or for that drive to your favorite camping spot, here are some tips for keeping it green and making your trip as environment-friendly as possible.
Get your car serviced beforehand
Whether you drive a hybrid or not, all vehicles run better and remain safer with regular tune-ups; this is especially important right before an extended trip. Maintenance checklist items include oil changes, tire rotations, battery and fluid checks, and yearly inspections. Before you venture out in your car, remember that a well maintained one will ultimately have a smaller impact on the world around you via emissions, so be sure to schedule a checkup in advance whenever possible.
Cruise down the highway
As tempting as it is to make those miles disappear between where you are and where you want to be, try to avoid speeding during your travels as much as possible. Not only will the journey be a safer one for you and your passengers, but following the speed limit is better for general fuel efficiency. The chances of being in an accident and putting a damper on your gas mileage all go up the faster you drive. So forget sudden starts and stops, road rage, and burning rubber: enjoy the ride!
Travel light
Speaking of fuel efficiency, packing light can help shed some pounds from your vehicle so that your mileage improves. It can be difficult to choose what’s most important on a weekend getaway, so give yourself plenty of time to pack rather than waiting until the last minute and possibly grabbing much more than you’ll need; extra pounds means extra gallons of gas you’ll have to lose later. This includes anything you might stow on top of your car in the roof rack, or on the back such as a bike rack. A good rule of thumb: if you don’t use it, remove it.
Refreshments, anyone?
On longer trips it can seem more convenient or easier just to stop along the way for food and maybe the occasional caffeine boost if you’re the driver. But, picking up snacks on the go tends to mean lots of paper and plastic wrappings, all of which take a toll on the planet when not disposed of properly. Instead, consider packing a few of your favorite bites to munch on along the way. Not only does the simple act of packaging your own food save you some money, it tends to save you from eating unhealthy alternatives. Reusable containers and utensils – not to mention a quality water bottle – cut down on the amount of trash you’ll accumulate on your trip; and who doesn’t like a nice clean car?
No need to wait – recycle as you go
Who says you can’t do two things at once? Even though you thought ahead and won’t be stopping at the gas station for a refill on food, you’re still likely to garner some kind of trash along the way to your destination. But, if you plan ahead, you can have readily available ways to dispose of this waste before your even click your seatbelt into place. Grocery bags, boxes, or bins are great for placing under seats or behind your own to collect recyclables and trash respectively, making the task of cleaning up after you finish the drive virtually nonexistent. Plus, the only thing you’ll have to think about while you navigate traffic is which container handles recycling and which houses the garbage, leaving you more headspace to drive safely.
We hope these tips prove useful to you as you wind down the summer with a few more adventures. There are so many great ways to reduce your impact on the planet and enjoy the seasonal sunshine, but if you’re ever at a loss, stay tuned for more pointers from the team at Carolina Fibre!