5 Fun Recycled Craft Projects Just in Time for Summer

At Carolina Fibre Corporation, we’re passionate about recycling. While we focus recycling paper, plastic, and aluminum in our 40,000 square foot facility, we also love creative ideas for giving new life to old things.
Today, we’re sharing five fun DIY projects sourced from Pinterest that are perfect for summer. These crafts will keep the kids busy, make your home more beautiful, give you an opportunity to stretch your creative muscles, and keep all kinds of materials out of the landfills. Grab your glue gun and let’s get started!
Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser 
Summer is a great time to enjoy a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc on the back deck. When you polish off that bottle, give it a second chance at life by transforming it into a soap dispenser. All you need is a clean and empty wine bottle, some glitter, a glue gun, and a bottle pourer. The result is the classiest soap dispenser your kitchen has ever seen.
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Succulent Pots Made from Yogurt Containers 
Yogurt is delicious and healthy, a great addition to your fresh fruit smoothies and a welcome treat in the summer, when it hits 90 degrees before lunch. The next time you enjoy a yogurt, hold on to the container because it’s the perfect size for a sweet succulent. Simply clean the container, dress it up with twine and some sparkly accessories, and then plant a small succulent in it and place it on your windowsill. It’s a great way to green your home while keeping trash out of the landfills—a true win-win!
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Egg Carton Turtles
The most dreaded words a parent can hear in the summer are, “I’m bored!” With this fun and creative project, you’ll keep the kids busy and help protect the planet at the same time. All you need to craft these cute turtles are an empty egg carton, green paint, googly eyes, and green pom poms. Older children can complete this project by themselves, while younger kids may need a little help. The best part? The rest of the afternoon can be spent playing with their new turtle friends while you relax!
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Tin Can Wind Chimes
Wind chimes are a great way to make your outdoor space a little more festive, and what better time to DIY your own set than during the summer, when we spend more time outside anyway? Tin cans are a great material for making wind chimes, especially when they’re painted bright colors and hung from an old lampshade. This project is another great option for kids, though we won’t blame you if you decide to tackle it yourself on a slow and relaxing Sunday!
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DIY Magazine Flowers
We love a beautiful arrangement of flowers, but buying fresh cut roses and bouquets of wildflowers every week can get expensive. For a wilt-free solution that also puts your old magazines to good use, these magazine flowers are a great alternative! The only materials you need are magazines, floral tape, scissors, and wooden skewers. The results are picture perfect and a fun, earth-friendly addition to your kitchen table.
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We hope these projects inspire you to go the DIY route this summer! If you’ve got any recycled crafts you’re proud of, share them on our Facebook page and keep the inspiration coming. Happy Summer!