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Sustainability: Why Going Green Is Good For Your Business

There are many reasons for your business to go green. Aside from the positive impact you’ll have on the earth, you can effectively lower your operating costs, inspire others to be proactive in their sustainability efforts, attract new business, and reduce waste. Take the first steps towards going green by reframing your perspective and considering the long-term benefits for your business and the world it’s a part of.
Reduce Company Costs
We hear it all of the time. Committing to the methodology and actively taking steps to greening a business appears costly to many organizations. But when businesses look at the bottom line over time, they should see an overall savings in water, gas, and electric bills. There is a significant reduction in waste, which ultimately means a decrease in costs.  And if you and your employees pledge to take small steps—like turning off unnecessary light bulbs in your office every day—your office will undoubtedly reduce energy consumption. Lower energy consumption decreases utility costs. Decreasing utility costs increases your company’s bottom line.
Reduce Waste

Reducing unnecessary waste trims operating costs. It can be as simple as turning off the lights that aren’t needed in the office and ensuring that the thermostat is at appropriate levels. The end goal is to preserve natural resources by using those that are sustainable, or by reducing the amount consumed. This concept is pretty straightforward: turning off lights saves energy, and using both sides of printing paper cuts costs for paper in half.
Image and Reputation
There is no denying that sustainability initiatives are increasing in popularity. While public perception may not be the best incentive to go green, it certainly has its perks. According to a study conducted by NLSN in the first quarter of 2014, consumers are attracted to social responsibility efforts and are “even willing to pay additional money to satisfy do-gooder instincts.” The Bloomberg Businessweek article stated that researchers surveyed 30,000 consumers in 60 countries. Of those respondents, 5% admitted that they would pay more for services and products dedicated to fostering positive social and environment impacts.
According to the data, 63% of consumers are extremely concerned about environmental sustainability. Above that: 67% are extremely concerned about increasing access to clean water, and 63% are concerned about improving access to sanitation.
Consumers notice when organizations are invested in the communities they serve. Go green, and you’ll leave a lasting impression on potential customers.
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