Resolve to Recycle More in 2016

The New Year is a time to take stock of your life, focus on your goals, and improve yourself however you see fit. Sometimes this means resolving to adopt healthier habits, like eating more vegetables or joining a gym. Other times it means setting a goal to improve your life, such as watching less television or spending more time with your family. At Carolina Fibre, we also encourage everyone to make “recycling” resolutions—that is, to set goals and intentions that will make the world a better place for all of us.
In this post, we’ve rounded up some easy ways to work more recycling into your day. Together, we can make 2016 our greenest year yet!
Pull the Plug 
In the average home, 25% of electricity is consumed while products are plugged in—even when they’re not on! This is known as a “phantom load” and is a waste of energy and money. While you can’t unplug everything in your house (we recommend keeping your refrigerator plugged in at all times!) it’s easy to pull the plug on appliances and tools you use once or twice a day. Phone chargers, blenders, toasters, and coffee makers are great places to start.
Waste Not, Want Not 
According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the average American family wastes $2,225 every year on food they don’t eat. Leftovers that don’t get consumed, fruits and vegetables that go bad, and expired goods are all part of this problem. Not only is this a waste of money, it’s also a waste of resources, energy, and nutrition. In 2016, make an effort to buy only what you need, use what you have, and freeze the extra. Your wallet—not to mention the planet—will thank you!
Green Your Coffee Routine 
Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to give up coffee or cut back. After all, coffee has many health benefits, in addition to helping us get to work on time! Our suggestion for “greening” your coffee habit is much less painful. Instead of stopping at Starbucks on your way to work, brew your own coffee at home. If that’s too much trouble, then invest in a travel mug. Not only will this keep hundreds of disposable coffee cups out of the landfill, you’ll probably get a discount at your favorite coffee shop just for bringing your own.
Go Digital 
Many places, including utility companies and banks, now offer paperless statements and bills. Instead of receiving a bill in the mail, it’s delivered to your email. Going digital is especially easy if you have a tablet, Kindle, or iPad—you can use it to subscribe to your favorite newspapers and magazines. These digital options are an easy and convenient way to cut down on paper, saving precious resources.
Get a Tune Up 
It would be great if everyone was able to bike or walk to work, but unfortunately we live in a world where automobiles are necessary to our way of life. You can, however, lessen the impact your car has on the environment. Properly maintaining it—think clean air filters, inflated tires, and an empty trunk—will help it run more efficiently, causing less pollution and saving you gas. If it’s in your budget, feel free to go to a car wash instead of cleaning your car yourself. Professional car washes tend to use water more efficiently than us amateurs, which is a great excuse to treat yourself!
We hope this post inspires you to set a few recycling goals this year. Not only will you save time and money, you’ll also save the planet. Not a bad way to spend 2016! If you decide to make any of these resolutions, or if you have one to add to our list, let us know on Facebook. In the meantime, Happy New Year!