Happy Ozone Day to the World!

Did you find yourself getting sunburnt this summer? Maybe it seemed like no matter how many layers of sunscreen you applied, those extra crisp kisses from the sun still found you. The Earth’s ozone layer holds many jobs, but one of its most important roles is acting as a sort of sunscreen for the earth.
What is the ozone?
The ozone protects us from the sun by absorbing about 98 percent of the very harmful UV light. An increase in UV radiation reaching the earth surface can be highly detrimental to human health and the environment. Too much exposure is known to lead to destructive diseases, including melanoma and various types of skin cancers, plus an increased possibility for premature aging. The ozone layer traps the different types of ultraviolet radiation. Essentially, our ozone is our shield, which is why it is crucial that we act to protect our protector.
A day to celebrate.
Scientists have discovered over the decades that the Earth’s ozone is thinning, caused by the release of ozone depleting chemicals. This is why the Montreal Protocol signed a resolution titled “International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer” in 1987. It’s been celebrated every September 16th since.
Through raising awareness about the depletion of the ozone, The Montreal Protocol has been successful in reducing the amount of ozone-depleting components in the world. These efforts have produced hope for the ozone to recover by the middle of this century.
How can you help?
You might be wondering how you can celebrate World Ozone Day? Each year, World Ozone Day holds a specific theme. The theme for the 2016 celebration is “Ozone layer Protection: The Mission Goes On.” Dozens of seminars and discussions are held in Montreal on September 16th to search for solutions to preserve our ozone. Students are educated about the destruction and empowered to help provide solutions. The day itself is mainly expected to boost awareness and stir reaction.
There are a variety of practical ways to resolve this issue. For example, you can find non-ozone-depleting substitutes for your home, including air-conditioning and refrigeration applications. Additional improvements include: cutting down on your use of plastic food containers such as plastic film wrap and bags, and carpooling, biking, or walking in order to drive less (nitrous oxide, which is produced by cars, is the largest ozone-depleting substance caused by humans).
Our fascinating ozone is something to be celebrated! Join us in actively protecting our world on September 16th! Join Carolina Fibre this year in celebrating World Ozone Day.
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