Green Apps for Everyday Use: Apartment or Condo Living

Living in an apartment or a condo is a great way to immerse yourself in an urban neighborhood, or even to cut costs when you move in with a friend. But communal living styles also have their drawbacks; including sometimes turning a blind eye to your neighbor’s poor recycling habits.
But no matter where you live, there are always more methods for making your environment a little greener. Some residences may seem easier to manage than others, but the technological age has given us all an extra set of eyes to keep track of our in-home habits. So while you may have just moved into that apartment complex or condo community, it’s not too soon to jump on improving your sustainable routine!
As a commercial recycling company in the Greensboro area, Carolina Fibre doesn’t directly work with homes and families to cut down the impact they have on sustainability in their neighborhoods. But to help get you started on the right track, the staff has done a little research to find one of the most comprehensive green apps we’ve seen so far. By implementing this program in your home, you can begin monitoring your own carbon footprint and discover new ways to change your lifestyle, step by step.
With personalized tips that can help you save money on your daily purchases and reduce your carbon footprint, Oroeco is a stellar example of an app designed for green living. This particular program breaks it down by your habits, from what you use on a regular basis – including water and other resources – to the things that you buy and how they’re disposed of when you’re done with them – like clothes or processed foods.
You can even use the app to connect with others who are trying to live a healthier, eco-friendlier lifestyle. By registering in your area, you and your friends and neighbors can compare your impacts and even compete with one another for the title of Climate Champion!
As it learns about your habits and purchasing proclivities, Oroeco begins to build a profile for you, as well as provide you with an analysis of what areas of your daily life are leaving the greatest imprint on the planet. It then compiles suggestions and alternatives for how you could minimally change your typical spending patterns or activities to make better use of natural resources as well as spend smarter no matter where you shop.
While it may sound a bit invasive to report minor details of your personal life – such as how often you did your laundry or what sort of snacks you bought during your last grocery run – to an app that can compare your habits to those of other users in your area, Oroeco is also an effective way to let someone else plan ahead for you. By allowing the app an insider’s look at the way you live, you and your roommates or neighbors can get a head start on your New Year’s resolution to live more sustainably.
Need more tips for everyday recycling? Stay tuned to Carolina Fibre’s blog, where we outline everything from holiday-themed projects to news in the recycling industry.