Creating Recycling Solutions Using the 5 Ps

At Carolina Fibre Corporation, we don’t see recycling as an individual thing a single person does. Instead, we view it as a process that can be explained by the five Ps—People, Product, Place, Price, and Promotions. Today we’re going to explain how each of these Ps plays a part in the amazing process of recycling.
Recycling is accomplished thanks to an interconnected web of relationships between all the people who make the magic happen. There are many people who are a part of the recycling journey. This includes individuals, small and large companies, project managers, and waste management companies at the city and county level who have recyclable materials. Many of these people and businesses are able to earn money off these materials, which is much better than paying to dump it or adding it to the landfills. Other people who are involved in this process are those who want to purchase these materials, those who transport materials from one place to another, and companies like Carolina Fibre Corporation, which facilitates the whole process.
While paying for what amounts to trash might seem strange, these products are actually very valuable. There are many customers who need post-consumer materials for their processes, such as paper mills, plastic manufacturers, and aluminum processors. When something is good for business and the planet, it’s a win-win!
The other part of product equation is connecting suppliers with customers, so that everyone gets what they need. Carolina Fibre coordinates these agreements one sale at a time, based on supply and demand.
Getting these products from one place to another isn’t easy, and requires a lot of cooperation and manpower. This is accomplished by trucking companies and brokers that provide timely and competitive pricing for pick-up and delivery of loads with weights between 20 and 25 tons. Carolina Fibre works with domestic truckers that haul 40 foot trailers to paper mills in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Florida, Alabama and as far away as Arizona. We also work with export truckers that haul containers from our suppliers to ports at Norfolk, VA, Wilmington, NC, Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA and Miami, FL. Thanks to these trucking services, Carolina Fibre is able to help fulfill purchase orders from our worldwide network of trading partners.
Our price guidelines are published monthly by the PPI Pulp & Paper, and they reflect the regional supply and demand perspectives of companies in the Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, Southwest, LA-SF and Pacific Northwest. Pricing for 17 products is tracked in this way. Because of these guidelines, we’re able to guarantee fair pricing on all the products we buy and sell.
Our promotions are designed to build Carolina Fibre’s business. They include word of mouth, branding with logos, PR collateral, magazine articles, tradeshows, website, blog, Pinterest and Facebook. Since 2003, over 1000 inquiries have been received through the Internet alone from individuals worldwide who have materials to sell or seek a recycling solution otherwise. The ability to promote our business in fun and innovative ways is essential to keeping our business growing and thriving.
We hope this helps you understand how Carolina Fibre Corporation works, and the role we all play in the recycling process. For more insider information, recycling tips, and ideas for how to live a more environmentally friendly life don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!