Carolina Fibre Attends the Annual Plastics Recycling Conference

At Carolina Fibre Corporation, recycling is our top priority, which means it’s important to stay on top of the latest issues and trends facing our industry. This is precisely why our vice president, Keith Ayscue, recently attended the Plastics Recycling conference in New Orleans.
The Plastics Recycling conference is one of the biggest meetings for the plastics recycling industry, which has become more and more complex over the years. For the last 11 years, this conference has brought together plastics reclaimers, equipment manufacturers, brand owners, brokers, government officials and leading sustainability voices from around the globe to deepen connections and push our sector forward.
One of the reasons we like this conference so much is that it offers us a chance to learn from leading experts in the field, connect with other companies in our industry, and network with clients, colleagues, and the wider recycling community. All this results in a better, stronger company, which is good news for all of us!
One of the issues currently facing the world of recycling is falling oil prices. What does oil have to do with plastic? A lot! Oil is one of the components of plastic, which means all the plastic things you use, from your shampoo bottles to your Barbie dolls, contains oil. While most people are happy to see oil prices dropping, it has at least one negative effect on the plastics industry. Suddenly, it’s cheaper to make new plastic items than it is to recycle used ones!
This means that landfills are filling up at a faster rate, and that businesses who sell recycled plastics are feeling the crunch. In this sense, falling oil prices can be bad for business and are definitely bad for the environment.
It’s our hope that by continuing to share the importance of recycling, consumers will understand that their own wallets are only part of the picture. Saving a few dollars is a short term solution, but living our lives in a more sustainable way, by supporting businesses that make recycling a priority and shopping with an eye toward the future, is the right and moral thing to do.
No matter what happens in the recycling industry, you can count on Carolina Fibre Corporation to keep you updated and in the know. For more great tips and timely news stories, make sure to like us on Facebook!