5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

At Carolina Fibre Corporation, Earth Day is our favorite holiday. This probably isn’t surprising, since saving the planet is our mission. We often accomplish this task by sharing things you can do to help the Earth, like turning off the lights when you leave a room, lowering your thermostat, and taking public transportation. While these actions are important, they aren’t always fun. That’s why today, in honor of the hard work you do all year long, we’ve collected our favorite ways to celebrate this important day. Check them out, and enjoy!
1. Visit a State Park 
Did you know North Carolina has a robust State Park System, which includes recreation areas, lakes, trails, oceans, and rivers? If you’re on the coast, check out the native carnivorous plants at Carolina Beach State Park. Those of you in the mountains can explore the highest point in the eastern United States at Mount Mitchell State Park. And if you’re in the Piedmont, Lake Norman State Park boasts the largest manmade body of fresh water in the state. The hardest part will be choosing which park to visit first!
2. Plant an Herb Garden 
April is a great time of the year to plant some seeds (or, if you’re impatient, buy a few transplants for a head start). Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t worry! We know for a fact that basil and mint are fairly hard to kill, and if all goes well you could be making fresh pesto and enjoying homegrown mojitos all summer long. Now that’s what we call a reward!
3. Visit Your Favorite Thrift Shop 
Your local Goodwill or Salvation Army is full of strange treasures, weird household objects, and unique, new-to-you outfits. Explore its offerings and see what riches you can find. Not only will you be supporting a great nonprofit, but you’ll be giving new life to used items, saving the Earth and the economy precious energy, production costs, and materials.
4. Shop at the Farmer’s Market 
There’s nothing better than a meal made from fresh, local ingredients. By shopping at your farmer’s market, you ensure that the food you buy is local, which means it wasn’t shipped halfway across the country, and you keep your hard earned dollars in your community. This Earth Day, try a new recipe inspired by seasonal goodies and invite your taste buds to the celebration!
5. Ride Your Bike 
Not only is riding a bicycle good for the environment (no gas, oil, or emissions necessary!), it’s also good for your body. An afternoon bike ride in the sunshine is a great way to celebrate the Earth and enjoy all the wonderful things it provides. Cruise through your favorite park and take in the sights, sounds, and scents. Later, when you’re sorting your recycling, picking up litter, or scrubbing your house with all natural cleaners, you’ll think about that beautiful bicycle ride and remember all the reasons you decided to “go green” in the first place.