5 Environmental Advocacy Organizations to Watch this Year

2017 is coming to a close, and here at Carolina Fibre, we think it’s important to reflect back on some of the major events and influencers as we move forward into the new year. We’ve picked a few of the organizations we think deserve a pat on the back (and maybe a little something extra from the big guy in red!) for their work in environmental conservation and advocacy.
National Geographic Society
Year after year, the National Geographic Society continues to make its mark – in a good way – on our planet. And for a wide-spread endeavor, this organization makes it easy to join in from any part of the country. Supporters can enjoy the educational materials the society regularly publishes, or give directly to current sustainability efforts.
Some organizations lead global and national conservation campaigns on independent platforms and resources, like Greenpeace. While a recent promotion centers on reducing plastic consumption and waste, this organization is involved in efforts to clean up and preserve oceans, forests, and many other arenas. You can get involved, too, via donation, by volunteering, or becoming a member.
The Nature Conservancy
An international campaign for the planet’s welfare, the Nature Conservancy leads the charge in education as well as active efforts to change the way we treat our home. As a whole, the Conservancy focuses on all land and water-related issues, and splits its time between advocacy and on-the-ground activism. By joining the Our World Campaign, a rallying point created to facilitate support across the globe, you can stay updated with news and campaigns near you.
Recycling for Charities
In a digital age, we’ve begun producing more and more electronic waste. What this means is that all of our old electronics – cell phones, cameras and even laptops – tend to pile up when we decide we’re through with them and need an upgrade. With groups like Recycling for Charities, older models of electronic devices can be repurposed and reused accordingly.
NC Conservation Network
On a state level, we have the North Carolina Conservation Network supporting other environmental groups and making sure they have the means to coordinate with one another and work together. Altogether, there are nearly 100 organizations that work with the NC Conservation Network! The network also offers training programs to help teach volunteers and new advocates how to better represent their causes to the public and other influencers.
If one of your New Year’s resolutions involves giving back, consider these or any other environmental organization you come across. For more tips on recycling and sustainability, contact Carolina Fibre and get your business on track in 2018!