10 Ways to Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs

With the Easter holidays coming up, those iconic plastic eggs that get stuffed to the gills with sugary treats are everywhere! After they’ve been hidden and hunted, what are you supposed to do with those festive packages? Here at Carolina Fibre, we’ve got a few nifty green suggestions for repurposing that leftover plastic long after the bunnies have hopped off and the candy has been devoured.
Mini Planters
All it takes is some wire, the soil, and a smaller plant and you’ll have yourself the perfect miniature planter! The best part is that the plastic should hold up well through rounds of watering, so it should last you through a couple of spring seasons.
String Lights
Believe it or not, empty plastic Easter eggs can be resealed over the bulbs of string lights to create neat color effects. For the best results, use nearly translucent eggs and watch the mood in your room change entirely.
Treat Containers for all Holidays
Who says you can’t modify those plastic eggs to fit any time of year? All it takes is some paint or markers, and you can redesign the exteriors to suit Halloween, July 4th, Christmas: whatever holiday you have coming up that requires a few sweet treats!
Holiday Décor
Just like we mentioned above, plastic eggs can be repurposed to accommodate your needs for other holidays besides Easter. Use them for treats, or as decoration accents; that way, you not only save money, but also extend their use and avoid tossing out perfectly usable plastic.
Craft Supplies for the Kids
It can be difficult keeping around enough quality art supplies to keep the kids busy on holidays and weekends, but you can reuse all sorts of things to embellish their projects. This includes plastic Easter eggs! Either whole or split in half, these handy receptacles can provide structure to any craft venture.
DIY Candles
With some careful crafting, plastic Easter eggs can actually be repurposed as small homemade candles. Be sure to find the supplies that will work well with pliant plastic, and always attend your candles when lit. Otherwise, they’re a simple and fun way to recycle the material!
Homemade Bath Bombs
It’s never a bad time of year to treat yourself! Reuse plastic Easter eggs to make and store some relaxing bath bombs so that when the mood to unwind arises, all you have to do it pop them open and let the hot water do the rest.
Mini Treat Dishes
Even if you aren’t hiding them in the backyard or catering to a holiday, leftover plastic eggs make a fun and interesting addition to your coffee table or desk; plus, they’re obviously the perfect size for something sweet.
Bird Feeders
Want to offer the neighborhood birds a tasty treat, too? You can make it simple by reusing your plastic Easter eggs. Cover the exterior in the feed, or use the halves to create a bowl for your winged visitors to stop by on their way to the next treetop.
Snack Packs
Lunchtime just got sweeter! Pack your snacks and smaller items in leftover plastic Easter eggs for safe keeping, then wash them and reuse as needed. They’re perfect for use at work or school, and keep you from having to continually purchase disposable bags.
We hope these were some helpful tips that will aid in preventing a waste of plastic in your home after the Easter holidays! For more news and ideas from us, check out our latest blog posts and learn more about recycling. If you’re ready to put your business on a greener track, contact us and we’ll talk you through our services to find the best plan for your company.